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What Ace Does

Ace Tournament Services has provided their Scoring and Presentation Services to more than 3,500 tournaments across Canada over the last 20+ years!

Impress your guests and give them a tournament to remember.

Custom scorecards and cart signs give your event a personalized touch. We ensure all player changes are taken care of so even the last-minute additions get the personalized touch they deserve!

Why should YOU choose Ace?


What they include...

Ace provide you with a dedicated Ace staff member to provide group/alpha lists, reprint player changes, take pictures and calculate final scoring results.

We also print you custom scorecards and cart signs highlighting your key sponsors to be seen and promoted throughout the day.

We will provide a  42” television along with an 8’x7’ screen and projector (if needed) displaying: sponsor logos, starting holes, photos of the day, hole contest and scoring results. There are on screen sponsor logo placement and text sponsor recognition that will be seen throughout the dinner.

We also take digital group and action photographs throughout the day and shown during the banquet portion of your tournament. Any additional photographs can be done as well.

After the tournament has concluded, we provide a USB stick with the pictures taken and a copy of the tournament results from the day.

Bookings are subject to availability, so please sign up today to secure your tournaments reservation!

Real Time Scoring

Ace Tournament Services is excited to announce the launch of our Real Time Wireless Scoring. In addition to our first class tournament scoring and presentation services, you can now take your tournament to the next level, by adding the excitement of Real Time Wireless Scoring

Real Time Leaderboard

This feature allows you to keep up to date on how you/your group are doing in relation to the field.
This feature also updates every few minutes to allow the progress of monitoring of ow many holes have been completed and the updated scores.


Additional Sponsorship Opporunity

This section that Ace offers is a predominant logo placement for sponsors to allow them to have great exposure through the day.


Faster Tournament Results

With players using the real-time scoring, we can have the results ready to print as soon as the players come off the course, eliminating the time consuming process of manually scoring.

Chat Messaging Between Players

Let the other players know when you have made an eagle or use it for some friendly trash talking!

Communicate with the entire field quickly and easily!

A Unique and Exciting Experience

Real Time Scoring adds an excitement level to your tournament along with showcasing your sponsors logos.
Its easy, fun and paper-free!

Enhanced Player Engagement

Enhanced Player Engagement keeps players more interested with their round knowing how they are doing compared to the other groups within the tournament. The golfers really enjoy seeing how other groups are doing and it keep their competitive juices flowing.

Cards and Reports

Customizing Scorecards and Cartsigns

Why it is important to personalize your tournament...

At Ace, we want to help you make your tournament ideas come to life, and this can be done by adding your own personal touch to your scorecards and cart signs!

With customizing these cards, you are able to give your company/sponsors/charities more exposure and add professionalism to your event.

Cart Signs

Cart signs are printed with each of the golfers names and starting hole. This is a great location to showcase your sponsors/charities logos as that it is seen by tournament competitive throughout the day.

We ensure all player changes are taken care of so even the last-minute additions get the personalized touch they deserve!


When customizing your scorecard, there are a number of ways to add sponsorship logos, the tournament name and a slogan of your own choice! This additional sponsorship section is a very positive and exciting feature we like our clients to use for more exposure.







What do our presentations include

At Ace, we take great pride in our presentation set up. We wish to provide your company and golfer with a positive – fun experience. With our presentation playing, its provides a visual experience for golfers to enjoy during their dinner reception.

It is very important for our guest to enjoy themselves and that their experience here is something to remember. Throughout the morning we display the tee-times, starting holes and who is playing in each group.

During cocktail hour, we display the pictures that were taken of the golfers throughout the day. This leads into the awards ceremony, which we provide the visuals for as well, displaying the winners of the tournament, the hole contest winners and a scrolling leaderboard of all the scores.

Tee Times

We choose to display tee-times throughout the morning on our TV’s and projectors to provide golfers with the knowledge of their starting hole as well as who is playing within their foursome during the tournament. As these names are being displayed, we are provided images of the sponsors for the tournament and they will be rotating throughout the visual presentations.

Tournament Winners

    Recognize your hole contest winners on the big screen!



After displaying the winners, we move to a leaderboard, which displays the scores for all teams/golfers who participated within the tournament. We can showcase both team and individual winners.

Photo Gallery

During the cocktail hour and/or dinner, we will be displaying all pictures that have been taken throughout the day of the tournament. These pictures will be a combination of the registration set up, breakfast, group and action pictures, and any other picture that may be requested to take!

Additional photos from your company’s photography can be put into the presentation as well!

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